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By UjoNyawara

Plagiarism in Kenya

On 15, Oct 2012 | 11 Comments | In BLOG | By UjoNyawara

Today morning I woke up to a logo plagiarism post on facebook by Skyline Designs, The culprit being Epic Nation, a Kenyan fashion brand, and the said plagiarised logo being that of Roy Smith.

Plagiarised Epic Nation Logo



Then I remembered one that I see every other day at Prestige. Its always nagged me, where I saw this logo look-alike before. Then today I just remembered exactly where. The victim here is a famous logo designer by the name of Raja Sandhu, someone who has greatly inspired me. The culprit is the Consumers Federation of Kenya.

Have a look 

Plagiarised logo design by The Consumers Federation of Kenya


These are just a few of the ones I’ve seen recently. Do you know other plagiarised logos? Kenyan? Please feel free to share below!

  • kebarore onyancha

    this post is grossly misinformed. . .Roy Smith doesn’t even have this work listed in his Restricted Works on his website, its not even on his list of works. Further, WORLD MOTO a motorcycle innovations org doesn’t even use that logo. . . it has…See More you might tell me to look at the logopond link but here’s a reply to that too , it is an unrestricted work for it was an unused proposal, as it clearly says on the description. . .Plagiarism requires restriction and claim of ownership. Wold Moto didnt even use the logo meaning it was rejected, Roy Smith has not accredited the work on logopond nor on his website which means he trashed it, ONE MAN’S GARBAGE ANOTHER MAN’S GOD! FREE MARKET SOCIETY. . . .thing is u use fonts which arent urs, u didnt design them, u didnt create them u download them and you use them. Are u plagiarizing?
    World Moto – Worlds Aheadwww.worldmoto.comWorld Moto is a leading innovator of goods and services for the global transport sector, specifically the moto taxi industry.

    • Dan Malarkey

      We use fonts because, well, we license them . . . but I’m sure you already knew that.

    • Fabian Marchinko

      You are just a thief. If you didn’t design it, it’s not yours to use.

    • leighton_hubbell

      I think the misinformed party is you. Although I applaud the fact that you bothered to check whom the original logo designer was, it also brings to light that you knew that you were appropriating the design. So much for claiming ignorance. A piece of artwork, used by a client or not, is not open season to use as you wish. It is intellectual property and owned by the creator – or, depending on the client/designer agreement, the client may still have usage rights to the piece. The designer doesn’t have to make that statement in their own portfolio.

      Just by the mere fact that Roy had it in his portfolio makes it restricted and by international law you need permission to use it – not to mention reselling the design to someone else. That would be selling stolen property.

      Additionally, I’m not sure how you put together your portfolio or display your work, but usually one’s best pieces get included. Not, as you put it, “One man’s garbage…”

      If you’re going to continue working in this business, you better study up on your copyright laws or you and your clients could end up in a world of legal trouble – or worse yet, shut down.

  • InkaMathew

    It’s someone’s idea copied = plagiarism. It’s not free market society. That’s only for thieves.

    Dictionary definition of Plagiarism:
    an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author withoutauthorization and the representation of that author’s workas one’s own, as by not crediting the original author: It issaid that he plagiarized Thoreau’s plagiarism of a line written byMontaigne. Synonyms: appropriation, infringement, piracy,counterfeiting; theft, borrowing, cribbing, passing off.

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Dan Malarkey

    I think kebarore is the Epic Nation “designer”.

  • Ochieng-Kisero

    So uncool. Chances are that some fellow without imagination or creativity made a killing out these plagiarized logos! Shame!

  • Khalsa Lakhvir Singh

    designers who fall for the whims of clients are the greater culprits here because it is only the money they are after. when i face something similar with a client, it is my duty to explain to the client to have something original, and if we are in disagreement, i make the first move to drop the project and the client, no matter what the value. greedy and unethical designers will give clients anything just because they want the lollypop the other kid is having.

  • Esphan


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  • Joe Njenga

    My take :

    Software :

    There is a very thin line between what can be stolen and what cannot be stolen in the software development world. Its difficult or near impossible to patent code for the simple reason ‘ all code is stolen from somewhere and modified to make it better or worse’ so where does this leave us as creators ? We should keep creating and let them be busy stealing our work coz they do not steal your creative juice.

    Graphics :

    For graphics/ logos its also difficult to prove such a case considering logo creation tools come with similar basic templates. Should two designers use the same template the results of their work will be similar. So who stole from the other ? Its a difficult case unless the logo has been registered as a trademark. I don’t advocate for use of other people work without permission.

    Finally :

    Ideas & concepts will always be stolen but it should not worry you (as the designer) let them steal until they are addicted to your products and they will start buying the future versions (esp in case of software)